Healthy Schools Certificate


The Healthy Schools Certificate builds on National Healthy Schools Status (NHSS). It has been tailored and improved so that it meets the health priorities and needs of children and young people in Bath and North East Somerset. To gain the certificate schools will need to submit a completed Biennial Audit Tool and a Children and Young People’s Review. These can only be accessed once you have joined the programme.


The time taken to achieve the Healthy Schools Certificate will vary from school to school. It may take a few months or more than a year, depending on what is already in place in the school. Once gained, the certificate is valid for two years. To ensure that a school continues to be a healthy place the certificate will need to be renewed after two years.


Once the Biennial Audit and Children and Young People's Review are completed, they can be submitted to the Award Group for approval. The Award group meets twice a year - In October and March. Exact dates will be advertised in the news section of the website.


The whole process is described in the 'How to achieve the Healthy Schools Certificate' guide.


 You may choose to gain the Healthy Schools Certificate and keep renewing it every two years to keep it valid. If you choose to also work towards, and gain, the Healthy Outcomes Certificate and keep both in date, you will  achieve the prestigious Director of Public Health Award.