Healthy Outcomes Certificate

                                School children


The Healthy Outcomes Certificate is a great way for your school to demonstrate how it is tackling health inequalities, closing the gap and supporting the most vulnerable children and young people.  


To gain the Healthy Outcomes Certificate, you will need to show how your school has improved the health and well-being of your children and young people. The first step is to Join the programme. You will then need to take into account the health picture of your school and local area by using the Health Profiles. Having identified what you want to work on, you will choose two Outcomes (one Whole School and one for a smaller group of Children in Challenging Circumstances). The next step will be to identify what you will do to achieve your Outcomes. These are called Interventions


The whole process is recorded using the on-line Reporting Tool and by writing two short Case studies, all available in the secure area of the website.


It will take up to one year to complete the work needed to gain the Healthy Outcomes Certificate. A school starting its chosen interventions in September one year should be finished by July of the next and be ready to submit to the Award group at the next available date. The Award group meets twice a year, in September/October and February/March. The exact dates will be advertised in the news section of the website.

Once gained, the certificate is valid for two years. To ensure that the school continues to improve the health and well-being of its children and young people, it will need to be renewed after two years.

The whole process is described in the 'How to achieve the Healthy Outcomes Certificate' guide.


You may choose to gain the Healthy Outcomes Certificate and keep renewing it every two years to keep it valid. If you choose to also work towards, and gain, the Healthy Schools Certificate and keep both in date, you will achieve the prestigious Director of Public Health Award.