The Director of Public Health Award

The Director of Public Health Award recognises and rewards Early Years and educational settings that deliver health and well-being outcomes. It enables them to identify and tackle health issues, inequalities and ‘narrow the gap’ in their own communities.

Dr Bruce Laurence is the Director of Public Health for Bath and North East Somerset:


 He says:

I am delighted that the award that bears my name focuses on the health of children and young people. Special attention must be given to families with the youngest children. Those habits, attitudes and aspirations that we establish in our very earliest years will affect the whole course of our lives. Equally, young people moving through their teens on their journey towards independent adulthood, need support in maintaining healthy lifestyles through this exciting but challenging transition, and seek help in managing the risks to which they will surely be exposed. 

This award enables nurseries, children’s centres, schools, colleges, and other settings to identify their own health priorities and take actions that will promote physical and mental health and wellbeing amongst children, families and communities throughout Bath and North East Somerset.  

There is a dedicated team in place to provide support in the development and management of suitable programmes. We are also strongly committed to measuring the impact of these activities so that we can be sure that they are making a real difference, and so that we can constantly look for ways to aim even higher.  

There are now many examples of excellent achievement across the whole of Bath and North East Somerset and you can find out more about the Director of Public Health Award by clicking on the tabs above or contacting the Award Coordinators:

Early Years - Lucy Rae             Schools and FE Colleges - Judy Allies

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