The Director of Public Health Award

Many schools and Early Years settings in Bath and North East Somerset have subscribed to the DPH Award since its launch in April 2012. In the past 6 years we have been delighted to have awarded 126 school and college certificates and 108 Early Years certificates to 47 school/colleges and 43 Early Years settings.


The Director of Public Health Award was developed to recognise and reward Early Years and educational settings that deliver health and well-being outcomes for their children and young people. It enabled settings to identify and tackle health issues, inequalities and ‘narrow the gap’ in their own communities and we have seen some significant positive outcomes as a result.


 The time has now come to develop the programme in order to keep it relevant and useful, whilst also incorporating some of the changes that are currently occurring in the Local Authority as it restructures. As a result, the DPH Award in its current form is ending in September 2018. The programme is currently being reviewed and a revised offer to schools and Early Years will be developed over the summer and launched in the Autumn of 2018.

Please check back here for further information over the coming weeks.

Schools and Early Years settings can no longer subscribe to the Director of Public Health Award

if you have any queries about the changes please contact the appropriate lead:

Early Years - Lucy Rae             Schools and FE Colleges - Judy Allies