Having built up an accurate picture of the health issues in your school by looking at the three types of Health Profile, you will be able to identify which key priorities you need to tackle. There are six possible priorities:


Healthy Weight                                                    Sexual Health

Emotional Health and Well-being                     Dental Health

Substance Misuse                                               Sun Safety


The next step is to identify two outcomes that you want to achieve. One outcome will focus on the Whole School and the other will focus on a smaller group of Children in Challenging Circumstances (ChiCCs).  


The Whole School Outcome

The Whole School Outcome should be developed in consultation with your children and young people. It will aim to make a 10% improvement on whatever the target outcome is.

There are six different lists of outcomes under the main priority areas and a limited number of outcomes to choose from - up to 15 possible outcomes under each priority. You should pick one outcome from one list that best fits what you want the whole school community to achieve.

An example of a Whole School Outcome could be:

Increase the number of children and young people walking or scooting to school by 10% from 52 pupils (April '12) to 57 pupils (April '13).

The Children in Challenging Circumstances (ChiCCs) Outcome

The choice of outcome for the ChiCCs group will vary depending on the group of children or young people that you have selected. You can base the wording of the outcome on one of the suggested Whole School Outcomes, or choose something different. Because of the smaller numbers involved in a ChiCCs group, you don’t need to make a 10% change, but you are aiming to make an improvement in some measurable way.

An example of a ChiCCs outcome could be:

Increase the number of Free School Meal children (25) eating a school meal from 7/25 (May '12) to 15/25 by May '13.


Download the 'How To Guide' for details of how to select and record your outcomes on the Action Plan and Reporting Tool.