Case Studies

Case studies submitted by schools as part of their Healthy Outcomes Certificate Whole School Outcome are displayed below. Case studies are divided by category. Each case study is available as a pdf to download.


Using a mindful approach to enhance wellbeing
25 Jul 2017

St Julian's Church School used mindfulness and the Relax Kids approach to enhance wellbeing and reduce anxiety in their ChiCCs group.

Increasing the numbers knowing how to stay safe online
25 Jul 2017

St Keyna Primary school used the results of their SHEU survey to increase the number of children reporting they knew how to stay safe online.

Regulating feelings and emotions at St Julian's Church School
25 Jul 2017

St Julian's Church School wanted to support their children to be better able to regulate their feelings and emotions. They used Sunshine Circles to achieve this - very successfully!

Increasing Leuvens Wellbeing scores using Sunshine Circles
26 Aug 2016

Welton Primary school wanted to increase the Leuvens wellbeing scores of 8 children. They used Sunshine circles as their intervention and saw a rise in confidence scores on the Leuvens scales - from an initial average of 2 to 4.5.

Physical Activity

Introducing Move a Mile at Paulton Infant School
25 Jul 2017

Paulton Infant School wanted to introduce a whole school daily physical activity and decided to 'Move a Mile' every day - with great results!

Increasing attendance at Physical Activity clubs
25 Jul 2017

Peasedown St John Primary wanted to increase the numbers of children - including the most vulnerable - attending physical activity clubs in order to increase engagement with school and boost energy levels.

Healthy Eating

Improving the quality of packed lunches at St John's MSN
25 Jul 2017

St John's Primary in Midsomer Norton wanted to improve the quality of their packed lunches by reducing the number of children bringing in confectionary items. The school worked with our team to develop a packed lunch policy (in consultation with parents) and deliver training to staff.

Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
26 Aug 2016

Welton Primary School used the results of their 2015 SHEU survey to identify that only 27% of children surveyed were eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Their whole school outcome was to increase the number of portions eaten daily.

Increasing the number of students eating 5 a day
24 Aug 2016

Ralph Allen School decided to focus on 5 a day as part of the DPH Award and their Food for Life work. They surveyed the students to find that only 36% were eating 5 fruit and veg a day.

Relationships and Sex Education

Increasing the number of young peope knowing where to get sexual health advice
24 Aug 2016

Norton Hill School used the results of their SHEU survey to identify that they were below the B&NES average for Year 10 students knowing where to go for sexual health advice and information.

This became the focus for their whole school outcome.