Case Studies

Case studies submitted by settings as part of their 'Healthy Outcomes Certificate - Early Years' are displayed below.

Case studies are divided by category. Each case study is available as a pdf to download.

Physical Activity

'The most delightful pleasures cloy without variety'. (Syrus - 85 BC)
5 Apr 2018

Although this childminder already plans a wide variety of opportunities for indoor and outdoor physical activity daily, she felt that this could be enhanced by engaging other adults (and older minded children) to lead physical activity sessions suitable for all children.

Practitioner-led activities - a variety act
7 Dec 2017

The garden adjoining Westfield Primary School Nursery offered limited opportunities for active play.  As the nursery became part of the school, the staff were eager to make good use of the extra space by planning a variety of practitioner-led activities, incorporating both energetic play and forest school sessions.

Are you sitting comfortably?
5 Dec 2017

One way of increasing children's physical activity is to consider whether they need to be sitting.  Timsbury Pre-school realised that by involving their children in more Active Story-making sessions they would be reducing their sedentary time and promoting their physical, as well as communication, skills.    

Hard work - but we can do it!
5 Dec 2017

Teddy Bear Day Nursery had a mountain to climb when they decided to develop their outdoor play space.  There were brambles to clear, equipment to instal and a shelter to construct.  They fixed a rope on steeply sloping ground so that children could pull themselves up.  One child commented, "It's hard work climbing the mountain but we can do it!"

Is it all about the space?
21 Nov 2017

Sunshine Pre-school say they didn't have enough engaging resources in their outside area so they didn't use it as much as they felt they could - especially when it rained and the grass became waterlogged.  After careful reflection and with the involvement of the pre-school 'family', the children's outdoor play was transformed.

Healthy Eating

Growing food - and a pot plant called 'Dylan'.
5 Apr 2018

As a keen gardener who is aware of the many benefits, this childminder wanted to increase the opportunities for all children to be involved in a variety of planned growing/gardening experiences each term.  She sought the children's opinions and incorporporated their ideas into her intervention and she also found ways to involve their families.

Home cooking
7 Dec 2017

As children were saying they'd like to cook more at home, Westfield Primary School Nursery created cookery bags based on cookery sessions the children experienced in nursery.  They believed this would reinforce the children's learning and increase both children's and parents' confidence in cooking at home.

"Carrots like Mummy buys at the shop!"
5 Dec 2017

Timsbury Pre-school wanted to provide opportunities for children to be involved in the whole process of growing food to eat - from preparing the soil to eating the vegetables (and flowers!) at snack time.

Powerful planting
5 Dec 2017

After finding that many of their children thought that vegetables came from supermarkets - and knowing that several families had no garden at home - Teddy Bear Nusery wanted to provide them with the wide range of experiences which would result from growing and eating their own vegetables.

What is a balanced packed lunch?
21 Nov 2017

Sunshine Pre-school wanted to support both children's and families' understanding of what makes a balanced diet.  As a reult of using the DPH Award's 'Balanced Packed Lunch Programme', they saw a reduction of 88% in the namber of items with high levels of added sugar and fat in children's lunch boxes.