Sugar Smart Resources - Secondary Schools

When a school registers to become a Sugar Smart School they need to decide which of the optional pledges they want to undertake using our handy Secondary school Information pack and checklist

Make sure your school celebrations are Sugar Smart and involve your PTA with this handy Sugar Smart guide for your fundraising activities.

Sugar Smart Display and Assembly Pledges
All schools are being asked to deliver these two pledges. Once you have registered, you will receive some hard copies of the relevant schools poster, some postcards and stickers to help you make your displayA school will also be invited to borrow further resources to enhance their Sugar Smart displays. These include a pull-up banner with the 'three things' message, bunting and a large PVC banner that can be attached to railings or school gates outside. Photos of these resources can be found here.

The first assembly is ready for you to use! See the basic assembly content here. Please contact for a fully interactive Powerpoint Presentation and notes.

Other Pledges

Secondary schools are asked to choose 2 additional pledges from the list below.

Challenge young people/families:

Get young people sugar creative! 

Pledge to be 'Energy Drink free':

Many young people are regularly consuming energy drinks on the way to school or are bringing them into school during the day. A single 500ml can contains 12 teaspoons of sugar amd 160mg of caffeine - equivalent to two shots of espresso coffee! Drinking this amount of sugar and caffeine has known effects on concentration, behaviour and attainment. Let your school community know you are an 'energy drink free school' and help raise awareness of the negative effects of energy drinks.

Sugar smart snacks:

Review your provision of snacks at mid-morning break to make them Sugar Smart. Serve only low sugar options which are compliant with the School Food Standards for School Food other than lunch. We have resources and ideas to help you and to promote the Sugar Smart options.

Be compliant with the School Food Standards:

Join Secondary Schools across the country who are signing up to the School Food Standards ensuring pupils have access to balanced, nutritious food and drink across the school day. Compliancy includes serving food and drinks in line with the standards for school lunch and standards for food served at other times of the day. We have lots of ideas and resources to support you and your caterers and would be happy to work with you!

Improve vending (if you have it) - even in the 6th form:

Remove sugary items including drinks and confectionary by replacing them with lower sugar alternatives and display information about the amount of sugar in common fizzy drinks.

Other Resources
There are a variety of posters (some which you will recieve hard copies of) that schools can download to use in their Sugar Smart work. Click on the links below to access them.
  •  Sugar Smart leaflet contains lots of interesting facts about added sugar
  • Three Things Poster is a general poster encouraging everyone to do three things today to reduce their added sugar consumption - read the labels, swap a sweet snack, think before you drink
  • Drinks poster compares the number of teaspoons of added sugar in a range of popular drinks with water (0 teaspoons!)
  • Early Years poster shows the number of teaspoons of added sugar in a range of food and drinks commonly bought by families with young children. The poster is designed to raise awareness with parents before moving on to talk about suitable swaps to reduce the amount of added sugars consumed.
  • Primary schools poster shows the number of teaspoons of added sugar in a range of common foods and drinks used in packed lunches and at home. 
  • Secondary schools poster is the same but uses examples that older children and young people are likely to consume.
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