Sugar Smart pledges - schools








We are asking B&NES schools to pledge now to become a Sugar Smart school. By signing up you will be helping people reduce the amount of sugar they are consuming. The average 5 year old eats their entire body weight in sugar in one year!

In order to become a Sugar Smart school, we are asking you to sign up to the activities below. These include 2 things we would like every school to do and then make 2 further pledges out of a choice in the lists provided. The pledges are different depending on whether you are a Primary or a Secondary school.

Visit the resources section for Primary schools or the resources section for Secondary schools to view and download posters and information.

All schools need to sign up to these two activities:

  1. Put up a poster (we provide) and create a display (with some ideas/guidance from us) which shows the amount of sugar hidden in familiar food and drink items. The display will also signpost families to additional information on social media and online and include a space for young people/families to add their own Sugar Smart pledges
  2. Deliver a Sugar Smart launch assembly and one follow up assembly– the Director of Public Health Award Team will provide assembly materials via our website which will be available after the Summer Holidays 


Choose a further two of the following pledges:

Primary schools (choose 2):

Ask families or young people to complete their own sugar smart challenge:  This could be on providing Sugar Smart lunchboxes, only having Sugar Smart drinks or having Sugar Smart breakfast cereals. Involve your PTA in sugar smart.  We’re not putting a stop to cake sales or fundraising events, but we are asking schools to think about messages to families and the balanced offer provided and choice you are giving to families. Use our ideas sheet.

Get your children Sugar Creative: Have an E team/School council debate on sugar or get pupils to make a short film about how they are becoming Sugar Smart to share online to help get the messages across. There are several free stop-frame animation apps available to make an animated film.

Promote Sugar Smart packed lunches: Bring your packed lunches in line with the School Food Standards by reducing the amount of sugar and confectionary and increasing the number of portions of fruit and vegetables. We have lots of ways of supporting you, from refreshing your packed lunch policy to providing lots of ideas for great sugar swaps.

Promote Sugar Smart Breakfast clubsMake sure your breakfast club is Sugar Smart by commiting to undertake 2 of the following 3 actions and by complying with the National School Food Standards for food other than lunch:

  1. Dilute fruit juice 50/50 with water.
  2. Have at least 2 days free of sugary toast toppings. Try options such as; mashed banana, marmite, eggs, cheese, soft cheese, low sugar baked beans, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, hummus, tuna, mackerel, ham or tofu. 
  3. Offer natural yogurts with fruit to sweeten rather than sugary flavoured yogurts.

 Secondary Schools (choose 2):

Challenge young people/families: Have a breakfast, snack or drinks swap challenge replacing with no or low sugar alternatives. this could be for a week, month or term and could challenge young people as well as their families.

Get children and young people Sugar Creative: Have a school/college E team or Council debate on sugar or get pupils to make a short film to share online to get the messages across. There are several free stop-frame animation apps available to make an animated film.

Pledge to be 'Energy Drink free': Many young people are regularly consuming energy drinks on the way to school or are bringing them into school during the day. A single 500ml can contains 12 teaspoons of sugar amd 160mg of caffeine - equivalent to two shots of espresso coffee! Drinking this amount of sugar and caffeine has known effects on concentration, behaviour and attainment. Let your school community know you are an 'energy drink free school' and help raise awareness of the negative effects of energy drinks.

Sugar smart snacks: Review your provision of snacks at mid-morning break to make them Sugar Smart. Serve only low sugar options which are compliant with the School Food Standards for School Food other than lunch. We have resources and ideas to help you and to promote the Sugar Smart options.

Be compliant with the School Food Standards: Join Secondary Schools across the country who are signing up to the School Food Standards ensuring pupils have access to balanced, nutritious food and drink across the school day. Compliancy includes serving food and drinks in line with the standards for school lunch and standards for food served at other times of the day. We have lots of ideas and resources to support you and your caterers and would be happy to work with you!

Improve vending (if you have it) - even in the 6th form: Remove sugary items including drinks and confectionary by replacing them with lower sugar alternatives and display information about the amount of sugar in common fizzy drinks.