Sugar Smart Pledges - Early Years


We are asking B&NES Early Years settings to pledge now to become  Sugar Smart!

By signing up you will be helping people reduce the amount of sugar they are consuming. The average 5 year old eats their entire body weight in sugar in one year!

In order to become a Sugar Smart setting, we are asking you to sign up to the activities below. These include 2 things we would like every setting to do and then make one further pledge out of a choice of 2.

Visit the resources section to view and download a selection of Sugar Smart posters and information.

All Early Years settings will be asked to be ‘Sugar Smart’ which means they have to:

1. Put up a poster (we will provide) and create a display (with some ideas and guidance from us) which shows the amount of sugar in familiar items of food and drink, especially cereal and lunchbox items. The display will use the official Sugar Smart logo and branding. It will signpost families to additional information on social media and online and include a space for families to add their own pledges (see points 3 and 4 below) 

2. Agree to a commitment declaring you are a 'Sugar Smart' setting. This will be a paragraph of text that we ask you to share on communications/websites etc. with families that use your setting/centre. You can then use the logo on menus/literature etc. The commitmnet will include ensuring water and milk are the only drinks offered; snacks and desserts are Sugar Smart (adhere to the Eat Better Start Better nutritional guidelines) and balanced packed lunches are promoted to families. We are particularly keen to encourage sugar swaps and we can provide some examples of these for you.


 Choose one of the following pledges. Pledge slips can be added to the above display to show what everyone is trying to do:

3. Ask families to pledge a breakfast cereal swap (some examples will be given as ideas)

 “Our family’s Sugar Smart breakfast pledge…”                                          

 4. Ask families to pledge a lunch box swap (some examples will be given as ideas)

 “Our family’s Sugar Smart lunch box pledge…”