Sugar Smart Bath and North East Somerset

Sugar Smart B&NES joins up families, workplaces, business, Universities, schools and early years settings in the fight against too much sugar consumption. Recent data shows that 61% of adults and over a quarter (28%) of Year 6 children (11 year olds) in the local authority are now above a healthy weight, and 15% of five year olds in Bath and North East Somerset have tooth decay.

Sugar Smart B&NES’s aim is to increase awareness and reduce consumption of sugar across the area. It is a major campaign to draw attention to the harm of too much sugar, free sugars and hidden sugars in food and how too much sugar contributes to overweight, obesity and poor dental health.

Schools, Early Years settings and Universities in Bath and North East Somerset are taking steps to help people reduce their sugar intake. Children spend six hours a day, or 30 hours a week, or 1,170 hours a year in school, and may have up to two meals a day in school.

The average five year old eats their own body weight in sugar in just one year!

 Whether you work in a school, Early Years setting or University, becoming part of Sugar Smart B&NES is easy! Let us know that you want to take part!

If you are an Early Years setting please contact

If you are a school, College or University, please email   

Then make your chosen pledges from the list provided. Lots of the activities are designed to raise awareness about hidden sugars in everyday food and drink. The Sugar Smart team is on hand to provide you with resources to help.

You can also join in the conversation on social media - search Sugar Smart B&NES on Facebook Image result for facebook logo