The School Food Plan

The School Food Plan was launched in July 2013. It is a series of recommendations and steps for schools to implement around all aspects of food in schools - growing, cooking and eating.

The plan began in August 2013 and since then Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework includes a judgment on personal development, behaviour and welfare. As part of reaching this judgment, inspectors will look at the extent to which schools are successfully supporting pupils to gain “knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy” and “make informed choices about healthy eating, [and] fitness” throughout their entire inspection. Further information and a checklist for schools is available here: Creating a Culture and Ethos for Healthy Eating.

In September 2014 we saw the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals for all children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) and from 1st January 2015, new School Food Standards for school meals became statutory for all maintained schools as well as academies and free schools that opened from June 1st 2014.

In April 2016, a School Food Plan Alliance was established (replacing the previous Expert Schoool Food Panel) to bring together leading organisations with an interest in school food. The School Food Plan Alliance will be the on-going champions for the School Food Plan's vision.

 We are committed to supporting our schools in Bath and North East Somerset to successfully implement all aspects of the plan on time and so we have in place a Food Forum to support schools around all aspects of food in schools. We work with a range of partners including the Catering Service to find practical ways of increasing the opportunity for children to have a hot meal together. 

We have put together a resource pack to support schools around Food Education - cooking, growing, farm visits including training opportunities, campaigns and resources.

If you would like any further support or advice please contact Claire Riggs B&NES Public Health Team on

There is so much good practice already going on out there around growing, cooking and healthy eating that we just had to make a film about it!

Several of our schools took part - a massive thanks to all of them!

Our partners at the Food for Life Partnership have made a big impact on the whole school approach to food and many of the schools featured in the film hold a FFLP award. This is going to be increasingly useful to schools as they implement the Plan.

Watch the video below and enjoy!!