Increasing students cooking healthy meals, including breakfast

The College worked with the DPH Award team and involved Claire Riggs, Sirona’s health improvement specialist to deliver healthy eating workshops targeted towards eating a healthy breakfast.

The students then researched some healthy breakfast recipes and based on what they had learnt during the education session designed their own breakfast recipe card.

The recipe cards were made into a book that was handed out to the students. Following a practical cooking session where the students cooked scrambled eggs, they were asked to use their recipe book at home over the Easter break to cook/prepare at least one healthy meal.

Students then completed a final survey about what they had learnt from taking part in the project and whether their eating habits had changed.


78% of students that took part in the project thought that their knowledge of healthy eating had improved.

22% used their recipe book to cook a healthy breakfast for themselves.

33% of students ate breakfast more often.

56% think that their cooking skills have improved.

All students cooked at least 1 healthy meal at home, following the project