Increasing daily teethbrushing - Three Ways School

We resourced, organised and facilitated a 1 term sensory studio  interactive programme regarding personal hygiene as a starting point for pupils to consider personal care. This included a virtual dental surgery with dental health related activities. 

Staff training- whole school briefing was delivered highlighted personal hygiene theme and requesting staff to plan this into daily activities.

All departments organised personal care intervention for their pupils.

Sourced tooth brushes and toothpaste for all pupils use, made class packs including dental hygiene kit and assessment proforma’s.

We set up a dental hygiene project across the primary school with 38 pupils involved. This project consisted of daily brushing of teeth after lunch for all pupils with 5 areas of assessment.

1- To tolerate toothpaste to the child’s lips of mouth.

2. To tolerate adults putting a loaded brush to the mouth.

3. To tolerate adult brushing the child’s teeth.

4. To attempt to brush their own teeth.

5. To be independently able to brush their own teeth.

Staff recorded observations for each pupil in their class and took photographic evidence of the activities taking place. There was improvemnt seen in all 5 areas being assessed. By the end of the work, 31 pupils were able to independently brush their own teeth (up from 27 at the start). This was an increase of 11%.