Healthy Outcomes Certificate for Early Years

The Healthy Outcomes Certificate for Early Years is a great way for your setting (home based, group based or Children’s Centre) to demonstrate how it is tackling health inequalities, closing the gap and supporting its children and families.  
To gain the Healthy Outcomes Certificate for Early Years, you will need to show how your setting (home based, group based or Children’s Centre) has supported the health and well-being of the young children and families in the setting.

The first step is to take into account the health picture of your local area by using the BANES Health Profile to see the issues facing children now and in the future.

You will also need to think about your setting’s children and families and consider any areas of particular needs. Think about the children and families that you work with and what support they could benefit from within the context of the health profiles.

You will be able to identify which key outcomes you want your early years preventative work to focus on and choose two outcomes (currently one based on Healthy Eating and one on Physical Activity). The next step will be to identify what you will do to achieve your Outcomes. These are called interventions.  More details of outcomes and interventions can be found in the Early Years Outcomes and Interventions Directory.
The whole process is recorded using the on-line Reporting Tool and by writing two short case studies, all available in the secure area of the website.