Examples of Reviews

The Children and Young People's Review is an essential component of the Healthy School Certificate. Schools are asked to get a representative group of children or young people at the school to produce a piece entitled 'How we made our school healthier'. Below are some examples of the Reviews submitted by successful schools.

Physical activity and active travel

St Keyna Primary - Cycling at St Keyna   

Welton Primary - Wii Fit for children

King Edwards Pre-Prep - Ways of keeping fit and healthy

Peasedown St John - after school clubs

St Saviour's Juniors - Dance club strikes again!

St Michael's Junior - Encouraging active lifestyles

High Littleton - the High Littleton Mile

Wellsway school - the row-a-thon!

Westfield Primary - Move a mile

School food and dining                                                                                        

Peasedown St John Primary - Improving our dining room

Saltford Primary - healthy eating week

Whitchurch Primary - Bistro Buddies

Wellsway - Hosting a healthy break

Moorlands Federation - the Black Beauty Bistro

Moorlands Federation - How we improved our dining experience


Shoscombe Primary - Lots of ways of enhancing SMSC


Saltford primary - Play day!

Whole school activities   

Chandag Infant school - getting healthier at Chandag Infant School

Paulton Infant school - school display board  

St Mary's Writhlington - quotes from the children                                                                               

Farrington Gurney Primary - lots of healthy activities   

High Littleton - how we are a healthy school

St John's Catholic Primary, Bath - Hear 4 You report

St Mary's Primary Writhlington - Cooking, Growing and Keeping Fit

Castle Primary - Lots of ways that Castle is a healthy school

Combe Down Primary - Play rangers and anti-bullying week

Chew Valley School - school display board

Norton Hill School - being healthy at Norton Hill

Ralph Allen School - quotes from staff and pupils on changes to the school to develop health and wellbeing

St Julian's Church School - Being healthy at St Julian's

St Stephen's Primary - What makes St Stephen's School healthy

Widcombe Infant School - lots of ways the school is healthy Part 1! and Part 2!

Making Longvernal a healthy place

Chew Stoke Primary - Being active and healthy at Chew Stoke School!


Emotional Health and Well-Being

Oldfield Park Infants - Learning Powers

Freshford Primary - Relax and read

Growing and keeping animals

St Saviour's Juniors - A peek at the chickens

Sun Safety

King Edwards pre-prep- sun safety poster