Antibiotic awareness

Antimicrobial resistance is a big national and global concern, because the world is running out of antibiotics that still work. Resistance infections are becoming more common and everybody needs to collaborate to safeguard the antibiotics we have that still work. If we do nothing now, within 30 years more people will die worldwide from infections than from cancer.

We are asking schools to support European Antibiotic Awareness Day on November 18th to get the main messages across to children and young people.

We have worked with a range of partners to develop lessons for schools to deliver.

The Secondary resources are aimed at Year 9. There is a lesson plan, teacher script and a presentation available. To access an interactive powerpoint of the presentation, please email . The lesson describes what NHS services are available to people and when they should be used, followed by a discussion about antibiotic usage. The lesson has been planned using a variety of active teaching and learning techniques to engage the students. 

The Primary resources are aimed at Year 3. There are 4 lessons to choose from:

The importance of handwashing

Catch it, kill it, bin it 1 or Catch it, bin it, kill it 2

Vaccination protects against flu

Antibiotics don't work for viral infections.