The 7/10 campaign

The work started with some research into the perceptions of students to create baseline data and objectives for the campaign. Graphic design students were then challenged with coming up with a brand and campaign, seven out of 10 was born, a positive message that 7 out of 10 students do not smoke at CoBC.

Various groups of students were involved in consultation, such as Performing Arts and Business students who trialled the branding and later volunteered.

The campaign focused around social media, Branded coffee cups and awareness stands, at which students volunteered, all aimed at lowering perceptions of smokers and engaging smoker into cessation sessions.

The biggest surprise was engaging 45 students in a smoking cessation session, 30 more than the original target. 40 of these turned up for a second appointment. At least 3 of those students are still smoke free.

Impact on the students taking part in the campaign was also underestimated. The Graphics student who designed the branding has since used this as evidence for his final major project. It also formed key evidence in his portfolio which helped him secure employment with a top design agency!

Finally the report has generated lots of interest from other organisations with the PCT presenting it to Smoke Free South West, Somerset Public Health and at the Public Health Scientific Conference.