Healthy Eating

Muddy Hands? "It's not so bad!"

The activities prompted lots of discussion - even the more reluctant speakers had something to say.  Whilst picking our strawberries one child commented “I love strawberries … my daddy has tomato plants”.  

A child, who was reluctant to get their hands messy, touched the soil and commented, “It’s not so bad”.

Building a recipe repertoire

 The children were more ready to try the foods they had prepared and cooked: they also took food home to share with their families. 

"J has really enjoyed doing more cooking and we have replicated some of the recipes at home. She is recognising more and more vegetables, and trying them."  (Parent)

Increasing the number of students eating 5 a day

They started by giving fruit away free (with funding from the school) with every purchase made in the school canteen. They also had this publicised in the local press. They started taking orders for fruit smoothies during Wednesday Windows sessions by a company students had formed during their Food technology lessons. They also had a bike driven smoothie maker come in for the students to use, again increasing inte

Encouraging healthier snacks at St Saviour's Junior School

The school decided to change what was sold in the school tuck shop. This meant instead of selling sweet snacks at morning break, only savoury ones are now sold. They all comply with new Government regulations. The children have provided feedback to the catering staff about what they like to eat. Toast and also grapes are proving very popular! They also changed their policy on what children can bring in from home to eat at break time.

Healthy packed lunches at High Littleton

 The school met with and involved their School Council/Parent Council and SMSA rep to discuss quality of packed lunches & possible improvements. A questionnaire was then sent out to parents/carers to gather views about packed lunches and the school ran an initial Packed Lunch audit.

A draft Packed Lunch Policy was written which was reviewed by S Council, P Council, Staff, SMSA’s and Governing Body. Comments and suggestions from them were included in the new policy which was then approved by the Governors.